Fatra, a. s.

  • Major plastics processing company in Central Europe
  • Founded in 1935 by Baťa company
  • Export-oriented company – 2/3 of its production exported to more than 50 countries
  • Support more than 1 200 workers
  • Two production plants in the Czech Republic – Napajedla and Chropyne
  • Investments performed in the past 10 years:
    • more than EUR 58 mil. in new production facilities, ugrade of existing technologies and energy-efficiency measures
    • more than EUR 3.9 mil. in direct environmental protection
  • Member of the Agr ofert concern, a multinational group counting more than 250 companies
  • Modern technologies, professional approach, knowledgeable counseling
  • Established trademarks – high industrial protection – over 100 trademarks, registered designs and utility models
  • Own R&D and inno vations
  • High level of by-product recycling and using waste-free technologies
  • For more information please go to our website: www.fatra.cz.


  • PVC floor coverings, marks LINO Fatra, THERMOFIX, FatraClick, WELL-click and IMPERIO.
  • Waterproofing membranes FATRAFOL, insulations for foors, ground and garden ponds.
  • Technical vinyl foils, semifinished products for school haberdashery, packaging, inflatable toys etc..
  • Plastic extruded profiles , profiles for buildigns, profiles for furniture, automotive, etc.
  • PVC granulate, semifinished product for extrusion, injection moulding, pressing and rolling.
  • BO PET, biaxial-oriented polyester films, TENOLAN and FOLAM marks.
  • Foils and sheets from PE, PET and EVAC, foils, sheets for insulations, anti-slip materials.
  • Injection moulding, injected products, floor tiles, plastic crates..
  • Thermoformed packages, cups, bowls and lids.
  • Re-granulation – plastic waste processing from PP, PE, PP/PE, EVAC materials, and plastic waste buyout.

For more information, please visit our website www.fatra.cz