Development and laboratories

Our research laboratories have at their disposal many state-of-the-art measuring devices operated by experienced laboratory assistants.
This enables us to:

  • ensure the constant quality of all purchased raw materials
  • analyse the properties and composition of competitive samples of granulates and profiles
  • suggest complete formulas for specific technologies and applications
  • provide complete customer service on the granulates we supply


Development and laboratories

Product advantages

In addition to analytical methods determining the quality of raw materials, our laboratories also use devices measuring the following properties:
Thermal properties


  • Thermal stability
  • Dynamic thermal stability
  • Bending brittle temperature
  • Softening temperature under Vicat
  • Weather resistance QUV 313 B, QUV 340 A, Q-SUN
Physical-mechanical properties


  • Density
  • ShA and ShD hardness
  • Stress-strain properties
  • Notch and impact toughness
Chemical properties


  • Infrared spectroscopy
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Gas chromatography with mass spectrometer
  • Chemical resistance against oil and gasoline
Processing properties


  • Melt flow index
  • Plasticising rate
  • Viscosity
Optical properties


  • Objective chromaticity measuring
  • Glister