NOVOPLAST granulates from softened PVC are also called PVC-P (plasticised PVC). The NOVOPLAST ® brand includes a wide range of polyvinylchloride granulates, differentiated by the volume of the softening agent that determines their final hardness. This is expressed in the Shore scale and is one of the major mechanical parameters of NOVOPLAST. The softest granulates are 50 ShA, and they are used, for example, for the production of very soft sealing profiles. The hardest NOVOPLAST is used for floor tiles, with a hardness of about 55 ShD.

The variability of the subsequent application of NOVOPLAST is however based on many other features. In our research laboratories, we can influence many final features according to our customer’s requirements and technological specifications, using a suitable combination of additives in the mixture formulas. Specifically, these include physical and mechanical, processing, and chemical features, and last but not least the colour shade.

NOVOPLAST is designed mainly for processing by extrusioninjection-mouldingpress-moulding, and rolling.

Examples of typical applications of our NOVOPLAST materials: